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Patrick J. Cole

Patrick J. Cole is a management consultant and poet that finds delight in nature which is often pointed out to him by a canine companion while he attempts to walk mindfully through the woods. Cole mixes his psychology background, perennial wisdom practices, and poetry to deliver his simple message: there’s joy to be found if we know how to look for it. Oh, he’s not the calm, cool, Zen cucumber you might expect. He still feels a range of emotions as he attempts to maintain his PBS practice. What’s PBS? His Zen Buddhist mentor explains that it means Pause, Breathe, and Smile – or, if that doesn’t work, Peanut Butter Sandwich. Both can help avoid negative knee-jerk reactions that often only make life more difficult. While practicing PBS, Cole lives with his wife in rural Missouri relatively near St. Louis.

Natural Beauty And Other Poems

F-bombs, sarcasm, groaning. Breath-holding, eye-rolling, tongue biting, and moaning. The longer we live, the more grief and suffering accumulate. Somedays are especially difficult.

How we express ourselves when life presents another moment of frustration and disappointment is important. Embracing the pain before we release it can help.

Life is challenging; yet, it can also be joyful. Suffering and happiness inter-are.

Thank you for being here now. May this book of poems help us find joy together.